Our Community in Greece

Inspire us... tell us about a painting, a song, a memory, a food or a drink. Give us a thought, a comment, anything you want related to Greece.

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Write a short story or essay about Greece of no more than 300 words.

Write us the titles of your favourite books related to Greece and your review of no more than 300 words.

Share your Greek recipe and attach a picture of it.

Tell me your favourite Greek island with its photo and why you love it.

Share your photo of Greece, of that unforgettable sunset, of that beach where you swam until you couldn’t swim anymore. Tell us what moves you about Greece and a short explanatory text.

Send us a link to a video or audio about Greece of about 3 minutes, you can also send it to comunidad@venconmigoagrecia.com

Share your Greek film and write a review. no more than 300 words.

Tell us about the restaurant you loved and share a photo.