Come with me to Greece

The aim of this page is to create a Spanish-speaking community of lovers of Greece who want to share with us their vision and reflections.

Send us your writings, your reviews, your photos, your audios, your videos, your recommendations. Tell us what has moved you or why you find it fascinating. We want you to be the protagonist of this space made by and for lovers of Greece, its history, its culture and its people.

And, if you have never been and you want to follow me on my journey, come with me to Greece, discover it through my eyes.

Once upon a time Penélope

Once upon a time, at the age of 18, a woman from Santander read “The Alexandria Quartet”.

It was her logbook from then on, but the Bay of Biscay was very cold and she sailed in search of warmer seas.

She had a life full of adventures and misadventures.

Her love of Greece made her voluntarily shipwrecked on an island in the Aegean.

Her name is Penélope (Πηνελόπη) but some of her friends call her Pi.